Sunday 4 of December, 2022
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Egyptian Billionaire Mohamed Mansour to Invest in AI

Mansour is betting on the future.

Staff Writer

Mohamed Mansour, the Egyptian business-mogul and billionaire, is known, along with his siblings Yassin and Youssef, to have built a business empire stretching across Egypt and 100 other countries. From his London office, Mansour said to Forbes that he's currently planning a massive $200 million investment in Artificial Intelligence (AI) and other futuristic technologies, betting that such an investment would prove hugely profitable in the long run.

With a net worth totaling at $2.3 billion, Mansour is the richest member of his family and currently stands as one of the wealthiest businessmen in Egypt. The siblings have taken the helm of the Mansour Group after their father's passing four decades ago, and have since completely overhauled the company and built close ties with massive business conglomerates the world over, like Chevrolet, Marlboro, General Motors and Caterpillar.

Investment in AI and other revolutionary technologies comes in line with Mansour's belief in constant change, specially when it comes to innovations in transportation technologies. "Me and my brothers have good instinct when it comes to business," said Mansour to Forbes. "We know everything we need to know about the transportation sector, and we also know how much its changing. We're not yet at the top of the mountain."  

Photo: Forbes