Monday December 11th, 2023
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Egyptian Blackmails Girlfriend With A Nude Video To Force Marriage

An Egyptian man in the UAE is on trial as he has allegedly threaten to release a video of his girlfriend in the bath...

Staff Writer

Marriage should be a union between two people who love each other however, going viral in Dubai is the news that an Egyptian man is trying use private footage of a woman to blackmail her into marriage. According to a story out of, a 39-year old Egyptian clothing company manager is standing trial, accused of trying to force his girlfriend to marry him by threatening to release a nude video clip of her in the bath if she refuses. Making the story even more bizarre than it already is, is the fact that the video was sent to the man by her ex-husband.

The 34-year old woman claims to the court that the accused demanded a 3orfi marriage – an unofficial marriage agreed upon by an Imam and two witnesses - or he would release the video. According to 7days, the women claims that “he messaged me on WhatsApp that he had a clip of me naked inside the bath.” She also claims that he not only threatened to publish it online, but would send it to her 12-year old daughter as well.

After the threat was made, the woman immediately filed a complaint with the police Al Refaa Station, as far back as May. She admits taking the video, explaining that “I recorded myself naked inside the house and sent it to my former husband. When problems happened between us, my ex-husband sent the clip to the defendant.”

During the investigation, the man alleged the opposite, claiming that she was the one who sent him the nude clip while in Egypt, asking him to marry her, but that he refused. However, it seems to contradict his statement claiming that she didn’t pay him for a business deal and he threatened her with the release of the video to force payment. Seemingly continuing to flip-flop in court, the man denied saying that.

The trial is still ongoing, and we will update the story when the verdict is released.