Wednesday March 29th, 2023
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Egyptian Brand Osail Jewellery Adds Plenty of Sparkle to the Summer with SS19 Collection

A Diamond maybe a girl's best friend, but they never mentioned anything about it being the perfect summer companion.

Staff Writer

With more and more names entering the world of local fashion and design, what was once a barren scene has quickly become and overcrowded one. Granted, one could argue that 'the more the merrier', but for brands and labels that pre-date the post 2011 creative boom, competing with the many new kids on the block means doing things a little differently. Take Osail Jewellery as an example. Founded in 1988 by Osail Kawthar, the brand continues to be rooted in the classical, but as its new summer line shows, Osail fuses that with a more contemporary outlook.

In fact, the use of gold, diamonds and other precious stones brings a class and sense of prestige that might be lacking in today's market.

"Each bespoke Osail piece is created by highly skilled artisans, meticulously crafting all the fine details, " Kawthar told CairoScene of a collection whose highlight pieces include Diamond Topaz Earrings, a stunning Diamond Riviera Necklace in White Gold and elegant Diamond Encrusted Bracelets. Diamonds aside, Osail uses other precious stones including Citrine, Topaz and Emerald. Ranging.

Ranging between head-turning statement pieces that demand attention, to more demure but equally intricately-designed pieces, the new collection offers an eclectic range that transcend their label as summer pieces. Check out more below.


Check out more of Osail Jewellery on Instagram.