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Egyptian Curse hits Manchester

An ancient Egyptian statue is being creepy at a Manchester museum. We don't blame it though, we'd try and escape Manchester if we woke up there too...

Careful, unwary tourists: the Manchester Museum is plagued by an Ancient Egyptian curse. Curator, Campbell Price, was baffled when statue of Neb-Sanu (which dates back to 1800BC) was found to turn around on its axis all on its own. We here at CairoScene are honestly torn: is this a hoax? Maybe the statuette decided to wake up after millennia of hibernation and is honestly surprised that it's not in a tomb anymore. Could it be home sick? Is it looking around trying to find the mummy it was entombed with? I guess we'll never know, but we understand the statues feelings – we’d do crazy shit if we woke up in Manchester too.  Check out the video of the rotating, curse-plagued statue here!