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Egyptian Designer Brings Strikingly Stunning Stationary to Life

If you're a stationary hoarder or pen nerd living in Egypt, one Egyptian girl has just made your dreams come true. With her enticing designs, she leaves us wanting to draw our lives into a colourful animation with the stationary she creates.

Unique in their character, The Word Designs' creations are intended to fill our day-to-day activities with festivity and merriment. Vivid swirls of colours on the front of your notebook, quirky and bright bookmarks for your favourite novel, complementary shading of your mug and coaster are just little nodes of happiness that inspire you to become entranced in everyday life.

Born from a deep founded passion for art and design, Madonna Khalil began designing her own notebooks to gift to others as a token of her gratitude towards them. She specifically chose notebooks because she believes words carry the key to a genuine relationship. Her "mission is to help people feel better, and to help them find a way to cheer up,” Khalil tells us.

To make her designs, Khalil carefully sketches out her artwork, shading in the edges and perfecting the rims. She then transfers her work onto the computer, rendering every aspect and producing a fine piece of art.  Khalil studied graphic design and media arts and, like many of us, she decided to work in various fields to explore her personal creativity. She quickly returned to her inner urge to create for the sake of others’ happiness.

Currently, Khalil is receiving notebook orders via her Facebook page, and she plans to offer more marvellous designs on mugs, coasters, notebooks and more day-to-day items.

“I only tried to follow the desire of my heart by using the gift that God has given me and to transform it into creating something that makes a difference with others. And I encourage everyone to do so!” she enthuses.

Find The Word Designs on Facebook @theworddesigns.