Tuesday 6 of December, 2022
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Egyptian Minister of Supply: "No Need For Ma7shi Right Now!"

In a press conference about the current rice shortage, Minister of Supply and Internal Trade Mohamed Ali Meseilhy concluded that ma7shi isn't a very good idea right now.

Staff Writer

In a video posted by Youm7 earlier this morning, Minister of Supply and Internal Trade Mohamed Ali Meseilhy was being bombarded by journalists during a press conference, wondering about the potential rice shortage in Egypt. Such a shortage is an outright catastrophe to most Egyptian homes – no Egyptian kitchen should ever be devoid of rice. One of the journalists asked, "So, no more ma7shi?" to which the minister replied, "Yeah, no need for ma7shi right now!" If you ask us, this sounds straight up apocalyptic.

According to NMisr News, the minister's response was prompted by the journalist asking him why Egyptians will be receiving macaroni instead of rice on their monthly supply through the ministry, and what if they want to eat ma7shi. The same news source mentions that the minister had different reasons explaining the scarcity, such as suppliers not abiding by the law of which type of rice they submit to the ministry. He also remarked on an apparent problem we've had recently with water irrigation, which rice crops need a ton of. Lastly, he blames those who export rice to neighbouring countries, calling on all 'loyal citizens' – those who are sellers and farmers – to stop exporting rice overseas and depriving Egyptians from it.

Yeah, sorry guys. Ma7shi and fatta may be as much of a luxury as caviar from now on.