Saturday May 18th, 2024
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Egyptian Restaurant Owner in New Zealand Prevents Robbery by Ignoring Gunman

One cool, calm Egyptian prevented possible violence and robbery in New Zealand by completely disregarding a masked gunman who entered his restaurant.

Staff Writer

Egyptian Restaurant Owner in New Zealand Prevents Robbery by Ignoring Gunman

Said Ahmed is starting this week as a winner. Most of us would freak out if a masked man with a gun approached us, but this Alexandrian-born restaurant owner living in New Zealand is apparently far more collected than the rest of us. According to Al-Arabiya, Said Ahmed was working the front counter at his Egyptian Kebab House restaurant in Christchurch when a masked man with a gun in hand approached. In the video you can see the masked man demanding money. What does Ahmed does? He simply walks away from the counter and continues to serve customers. 

The local Canterbury Police force were so impressed by his complete and total disregard for this 'customer' or would-be robber, that they have since posted the CCTV video on their Facebook. Although the footage was taken in late May, the video was only post July 7th and has already had over seventy-eight thousand views. 

According to a recounting by Ahmed to, "He was surprised from my reaction – ‘I have come to rob him and he is walking away from me, so what can I do?' I walked away to the kitchen where I picked up the phone to call police. I was sure he would not shoot me. He came to rob me, not to kill me. He didn’t scare me…he failed, unsuccessful night.”

We'd say not hurting or robbing anyone is fairly unsuccessful in the life of a would-be robber, but he is still on the loose. On the Canterbury Police Facebook page and again on TVNZ the police have stated, "The Christchurch police would like your help if you recognise the perp. Please contact Christchurch Police Station on 033637400."

Their concern over the would-be robber continuing to roam free stems from a larger issue. Recently Chirstchurch, NZ has experienced a string of armed robberies. In fact, Ahmed himself is concerned for his family's safety regarding this, telling Stuff, “We used to be open later on Friday and Saturday nights, until 11 PM, but since this happened we have closed at 10 PM just like the rest of the shops down the street. You know, we are here just my wife and I and two kids, no family, no relatives, so I am the one to look after them, so if anything happened to me, that’s why I get a little bit scared or stressed.”

Our take-away from this restaurant is to keep calm and carry on in scary situations - a bit more like Ahmed who has said, “I’m not a hero, but I controlled my reaction.”