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Egyptian Twitter Reacts to Will Smith’s Oscar-Worthy Slap

staying cool, calm and collected was not what Will Smith had in mind for last night’s Oscars.

Out of all the things we could’ve woken up to on a Monday morning, a full-handed slap across the face perpetrated by - now Oscar-winning actor - Will Smith and endured by Chris Rock was not on our itinerary. After a blatant insult made by Rock in regards to Smith’s wife Jada’s ongoing battle with Alopecia, the actor could not resist the nagging compulsion to flat out smack Rock for his insensitive remark. The slap - having landed a spot on our list of Oscar-worthy moments -  has garnered much anticipated global attention. Now, procured in this carousel today and circulating on Egyptian Twitter are a series of meticulously crafted reactions for your viewing pleasure.