Sunday 4 of December, 2022
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Egyptian Woman Gives Birth to Sextuplets

Randa Mostafa is going to have some pretty hectic birthday parties on her hands...

Staff Writer

An Egyptian woman, Randa Mostafa, just gave birth to sextuplets. Yeah that’s right six kids at once; four girls and two boys to be exact. However, she does not owe all of this to natural causes but instead pregnancy stimulants which she took for the seven months she was pregnant before getting her C-section, as reported by Ahram Online.

Even though the chances for a woman to have sextuplets without pregnancy stimulants is 1 in 4.7 BILLION, it’s pretty obvious that even with them the chances are very low. She should go buy a lottery ticket or something as luck is definitely on her side.

The babies were delivered at Mansoura University Hospital and you can only imagine how that lady feels now.  We all know women go through hell when having just one child but imagine six… sheesh that’s pretty heavy. These kid’s birthday parties are definitely going to be huge; good luck supermum.

*The babies pictured above are not Randa Mostafa's babies. We're sure they're even cuter.