Tuesday March 21st, 2023
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Egyptian Man Hopes to Attract Guinness World Records with World's Longest Ramadan Lantern

The world's longest Ramadan Lantern is in Egypt; surprisingly not in Dubai.

Staff Writer

The world's longest Ramadan Lantern is right now on display in Alexandria and awaiting its turn to be recognized by the Guinness World Records. This Ramadan lantern is the creation of Ahmed Al-Hajo, according to Al-Arabiya News, and is 50 meters high, constructed of iron and wires. The decoration, rivaling all others, is nestled between two buildings on Cinema Laila street, in the Bakus district of Alexandria and it is a spectacle for passers-by.

Not only does the Lantern illuminate the streets and spread the joy and love that Ramadan brings, but it also plays Quran verses as well as Ramadan songs such as 'Wahawi Ya Wahwi' and 'Ramadan Gana'. The man behind the marvel, Al-Hajo, stated that the reason behind this glimmering (and singing) behemoth of a lantern is "in the hope of delighting the inhabitants of the area where he lives and to bring joy to the hearts of children," according to Al-Arabiya. It seems that the lantern is becoming popular as many of the spectators are pushing for it to be entered as new world record.

If you want a chance to marvel at Egypt's answer to those giant Christmas trees, Ahmed Al-Hajo will not be turning off the lights until Eid Al Fitr.

Main Image from Al-Arabiya