Wednesday May 22nd, 2024
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Egypt's First Dog-Friendly Cafe Opens in Alexandria

Alexandria's "Pets Corner" brings dog owners and pupper-enthusiasts together in a warm, hospitable, environment.

Staff Writer

Egypt's First Dog-Friendly Cafe Opens in Alexandria

When you have your very own doggo (internet lingo for dog), you'll find yourself wanting to take them everywhere on happy puppy adventures. But you'll soon find out that not every establishment allows your fury friends on their premises. The definition of evil.

If you're one of the many downtrodden pupper owners in Egypt who can't properly spend quality time with their (real) best friend, then Pets Corner is the universe's answer to your sad whimpers. Pets Corner, Alexandria's first and hopefully not be the last dog cafe, offers patrons of all shapes, sizes, and breeds to come and spend a nice quality time with their happy canine companions, and if you don't have a floofy friend of your own, don't be distressed; you can play with any of the pupperfriends they have at Pets Corner to your heart's delight. They even offer delicious meals for your doggerino so you can enjoy a meal together and share some memories.

I myself am more of a cat person (you have to work for their love), but I am ecstatic about something like this popping up in the country and hope with all the magic in my shambling little heart that more places like these spread, especially in Cairo (and maybe for cats too?).

Check out Pets Corner's Facebook page here for details and happy pupper pictures.