Saturday May 25th, 2024
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Eight: Fitness, Luxury & a Rooftop Venue

Heliopolis' swankiest workout spot, Eight Fitness Club, already combines gym and spa and they're set to launch their rooftop training venue, RooFit, this Friday, with some competition to kick things off...

Staff Writer

Eight: Fitness, Luxury & a Rooftop Venue

Have you ever wished for a gym that encompassed everything in one spot? So you could do your cardio and then hit up the weights room and build a little muscle, and then, feeling really accomplished because of your workout, treat yourself to a little time in the Jacuzzi, followed by a relaxing massage. Finally, grab a freshly pressed mix from the juice bar for good measure. Ahh just imagine. Except you don’t have to imagine anymore because we found the place for you, in the form of Eight Fitness Club in Heliopolis, a swanky modern state-of-the-art, all-in-one luxury gym. You’re welcome.

This mammoth fitness center in Heliopolis, which is actually the biggest gym in the area, is a stand-alone building with FIVE stories filled with…fitness things. Just kidding, we know what’s in there. The fitness center has dedicated an entire floor to specific exercises and the entire place looks like it was flown out of LA. We feel like we might spot Kim Kardashian walking out at any moment. Taking a post-gym selfie obviously. The ground floor has its own juice bar, people. For real. It’s also the dedicated cardio area with treadmills and elliptical machines and all that jazz. The first floor is purely weights (you won’t catch us there, we can barely pick up our coffees) and is loaded with everything from free weights to all those ultra-modern machines that really intimidate us.

Third floor moves up to the men’s spa and locker room. Now this is more like it. There’s a giant Jacuzzi, sauna and steam room, six rain showers (WE FREAKING LOVE RAIN SHOWERS) and a whole massage area where they offer a variety such as reflexology, Shiatsu, stone massage… We’re not entirely sure what all of these are, but this is where we'll be. Oh, and the second floor has a studio for aerobics and kickboxing and Zumba and such things. But you’ll find us in the Jacuzzi.

The fourth floor imitates the third but for women, but is also has a women-only gym, Because, you know, sometimes you don’t want to look like a sweaty red-faced monster with hair plastered to your face in front of men. Sometimes.

And finally, the fifth floor is a sprawling rooftop venue, perfect for outdoor workouts, which will be the sky high location for some fierce fitness competitions every Friday this Ramadan. The new spot, RooFit is opening TOMORROW and that’s also when their #RooFiTournament kicks off so get ready for some very sporty weekends!

It will be bringing together fitness teams from across the city to battle it out, Hunger-Games-style (except no one dies and everyone is ripped and fit and can do twenty burpees without breaking a sweat) atop the gym. Headed up by the fit humans behind In The Zone, the competition already has several participating teams but is open to welcoming more for some cutthroat competitive spirit. You know how fit people love a challenge. We’ll stick to the spa, thankyouverymuch.

But their RooFit venue will only be occupied on Fridays; other than that it’s set to become a spot the sporty people of the city can go to for some serious outdoor training. Teams across Cairo can take over the open air venue for their training – and where better to train than right up there near the clouds and with a beautiful view of the city?

Anyway if you're part of a training team, the Crossfits and the Train For Aims of the city, you still have a shot at signing up for their weekly Friday challenge. But if you just want to get your fit on, without the intense competitive pressure some of these sportsmen crave, you can still hit up any of the other four floors of the Eight Fitness Club. It’s all fully equipped with state of the art machinery, has highly qualified trainers, and there’s even a kids area so you can leave your little brats angels while you work out!

For more information you can check out their Facebook page here or follow them on Instagram @eightfitnessclub.