Friday September 22nd, 2023
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Five Places That Will Deliver Shisha in Egypt

'Tis the season to smoke shisha, but with so much going on this Ramadan, wouldn't it be so much easier if the shisha came to you? Here are five place across Cairo and Alexandria that do just that...

Staff Writer

There’s nothing quite like a smooth shisha, especially during Ramadan as we wile away the hours after sunset. But after a big meal and with all those Mosalsalat we can’t miss, wouldn’t it be great if the shisha came to you? Here are a few places that will deliver the pipe, tobacco and coals straight to your door. Click the links for details.

Alo Argila

Delivering to Rehab and New Cairo, Alo Argili provides the actual pipe, sterilised hoses, coal and plenty of coal you can light at home. You can choose two tobacco flavours per order, and each complete shisha set costs between 33-38 LE. Contact numbers: 01281022132 or 01014579666

Alo Goza

Alexandrians are really into their Shisha so this Egyptian startup, founded by shisha addicts, lets you order by phone or WhatsApp and covers the whole coast. Contact number: 01212800069

Wel3a (Zamalek)

From the people who changed the Shisha experience comes a delivery option! The original Wel3a in Zamalek sends their complete pipes complete with the revolutionary new ‘ring’ charcoal by Carbopol. Contact number: 01155899700

Shisha Fresh

Serving Zamalek and 6th October City, Shisha Fresh sends two types of tobacco of your choice with each ordered pipe, and unlimited coals.

Flying Shisha

We told you Alexandrians love their Shisha and Flying Shisha knows just that. Serving all of Alexandria, they have some of the best prices per pipe, starting from just 15LE. You can also make your order through WhatsApp, and they even cater for big events. Contact numbers: 01148101292 

Photo by David Dennis.