Saturday 26 of November, 2022
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El Campo 2013

El Gezira Sporting Club's annual Ramadan football tournament is back, and this year El Campo have turned things up a notch...

Staff Writer

Ramadan might be the time when most people spend time with their families and fill their minds and stomachs with festive treats, from dramatic soap operas to konafa. For a very select few, however, Ramadan is all about teaming up with each other and earning bragging rights on a five-a-side football pitch.

To our understanding, El Gezira Club’s Ramadan football tournament is one of the most sought after tournaments going on this month, with every wannabe Beckham out there wanting to take a piece of the (post-sunset) cake. This year’s no different except that it’s a MILLION times better. This time it’s El Campo and the tournament organisers have gone all Extreme Makeover: Football Edition on us with FIFA-approved industrial pitches having been installed, courtesy of Limonta.

This year, the tournament is going all out in making sure everyone gets out of their loungewear with elastic waistbands and into football boots with six separate divisions running: under 12, under 14, under 20, seniors, ladies and an open division. The tournament starts on the fifth of Ramadan (14th of July) and will run until three days before Eid. 

To join the tournament you must be a member of El Gezira Club, assemble a team of 5-10 players (don’t choose your friends that suck), choose a team name (don’t use the names of your childhood heroes that suck), register your team by calling the number below.  Fees range between 1200-2000 LE per team (depending on the division you’ll be playing in).

The best part of this all is that there won’t just be prizes for the top three teams in each division, but there’ll accolades for Best Player, Best Goal and Team of the Tournament. We were hoping there’d be a prize for Best Goal Celebration, but alas, our dreams of whipping off our shorts in front of a crowd like Mirko Vucinic will have to wait for another time.

Register your team by calling tournament manager Ismail Habash on 0111 424 6666 and request to join the Facebook group for more information on El Campo. Alternatively, follow @ElCampoGezira on Twitter.