Wednesday February 28th, 2024
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El Noor Geh

This ingenious new website serves as a stark reminder of how much energy you're wasting, and what you could be saving at a time when Egypt's energy crisis continues to worsen, and prices are only expected to go up...

Staff Writer

Electricity prices will increase by up to 130% in the next 5 years, reads in big bold yellow letters on it's homepage. It's a warning to all of those among us who put energy use at the back of our minds, happily leaving air conditioners, PCs and and TVs on without a second thought, knowing that a few hundred bucks at the ends of the month will do away with all the electricity you've wasted.

But times are a-changing, and with electricity consumption in Egypt increasing 70% in ten years, the government-set prices will only get higher. El Noor Geh aims to raise awareness and save electricity for citizens with a platform dedicated to all things concerning electrical consumption.

Their weekly blog caters to the most important stories related to energy usage in the country, from the recent power cut debacle to tips on saving power. But it's their two ingenious, easy-to-use calculators that become instantly eye opening for anyone who is not Amish. With their time-based calculator you simply drag the bar to your average price of your monthly electricity bill, whether it be commercial or resident. You then choose a device, for example your laptop or refrigerator, input how many hours and days it is in use during the month and it will tell you exactly how much a month you are spending on it, and therefore which devices are costing you most and where you could save.

Meanwhile, you can also find out exactly what kind of generator would suit your home best with the website’s generator calculator by adding from a large list of devices, or adding your own devices based on their voltage and ampere. From this the site will bring up a host of options to buy in collaboration with online shopping store Jumia.

So, if you're going to have your laptop open all day, probably best to do something useful with it, like calculate how much energy and money you may be wasting. 

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