Thursday March 30th, 2023
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Eslam El Sha'ary & HOH To Take The Stage At CJC

Another evening of eclectic tunes and powerful performances is coming to CJC. But beware - you better Zen out and become one with your own silence, or they'll totally kick you out.

Staff Writer
We’ll never understand the people that pay to go to a concert or festival and then proceed to talk the whole time - literally, non-stop. During the performances, stage banter moments, and bands setting up, some people can’t help but stem the flow of verbal diarrhea issuing forth from their stupid, rude faces. You paid to be here, to listen to music, and experience live art! Why, then, do some people insist on jabbering away throughout an entire evening of music? You could have done that for free at your house! Perhaps at a raging rock concert or DJ-fuelled club you could get away with your incessant “blah, blah, blah, you’ll never believe what my cat did today, blah” since it’s much easier to ignore you and your terribleness. But at a quieter event, or one with quiet parts, it’s impertinent beyond measure - not only to your fellow concert-goers but to the band and the venue as well - to chit chat through the performance. You jerks. 
Now that we’ve got that out of the way, get ready for another momental evening of original music at CJC, and you better clam up! HOH - the Cairo supergroup consisting of Hany Adel from Wust El Balad (arguably the best guitarist in Egypt), Ousso Lotfy, and Hany El Dakkak of Massar Egbari - is rocking out at CJC for the first time, combining Egyptian vibes with some Rock and Blues tunes, concocting a polished and authentic sound. We will totally post embarrassing pictures of you all over the net if you even think about jib-jabbing during their set, which is an even worse punishment than them awkwardly kicking you out if you talk.
Joining HOH will be the spiritual world fusion stylings of Eslam El Sha’ary. Sha’ary combines an eclectic array of instruments from across space and time to create a modern musical journey unlike anything else. Judging by his subtle and sometimes quiet music, Sha'ary wouldn’t scream at you to shut your trap while he’s playing, but we will totally will. So zip your lips or get the boot and enjoy as some of the most spirited musicians pour their hearts out at CJC on January 5th. 
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