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Facebook AI Ups Stalking

Facebook founder and CEO Mark Zuckerberg announces the integration of Artificial Intelligence into the social network in a creepy attempt to understand each and every user...

Since becoming a traded stock, Facebook has found itself routinely changing, often to the chagrin of its user, but to the applause of its stock holders. The problem with that is that sooner or later it may find its users decreasing as there is nothing more annoying than having to constantly figure out how to document your life on a changing platform.

On Wednesday, Mark Zuckerberg offered a sneak peek at what the long term future holds, and surprise, surprise, it is creepy and intrusive. Facebook has been working on plans to incorporate Artificial Intelligence (AI) on its social media platform. Last month they appointed a renowned researcher in deep learning, which is a sub-field within AI that trains computers to make sense of every item you share.

"The goal really is just to try to understand how everything on Facebook is connected by understanding what the posts that people write mean and the content that's in the photos and videos that people are sharing," Zuckerberg explained.

What we imagine Zuckerberg is really saying is that new programme will be much like a jealous ex that is constantly stalking and over analyzing anything and everything we post trying to figure out where we took our pictures, where we're going that night, and even what mood we are in, prescribing what it feels we need from funny videos to anti-depressants (yes, please).

Zuckerberg also mentions that AI could be used to transcript all of our conversations, but stresses that they are still years away from reshaping our Facebook experience. The only real question is will users have moved on to the next platform before they launch AI, as social media trends come and go. Remember MySpace?