Monday February 26th, 2024
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Fayoum's Newest Boutique Hotel is our Next Staycation Goal

Fayoum's latest boutique hotel, Ta-che, is the Instagram candy we need and fulfills anyone's staycation goals this year.

Staff Writer

Casually scrolling through Instagram at work - because, ugh, work - we stumbled upon the cutest possible getaway hotel only two hours away from Cairo. Ta-che is Fayoum's newest boutique hotel, an absolute gem of a place resting right on top of a hill near Lake Qarun and Wadi El Rayan. It overlooks gorgeous olive farms, giving its residents a stellar view that just so happens to be accessible through the various seating areas within and surrounding the hotel.

It's small, but what boutique hotel isn't? Despite its size the hotel provides, it's guests with an extremely homey feel. With six rooms, five of them being double rooms and one a family suite, it's definitely furnished for maximum comfort. They have a reception and a salon, a chill campfire space also known as "beit nar" which is essentially a fire pit surrounded by a seating area embedded in the sand where people sit around and warm up. Their rooftop has been fashioned into a classic Arabian sitting area overlooking endless palm trees, where you can have tea and watch the sunset in peace. Add to that their delicious restaurant and coffee shop and we're ready to make this unique local our next weekend staycation.
Did we mention that it won't make a dent in your wallet? Ok, maybe a little bit, but we'd do anything for a peaceful weekend away at an Instagrammable haven.


Photos: @tache.fayoum