Monday February 26th, 2024
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Why Students are Flocking to The Knowledge Hub Universities in Egypt’s New Administrative Capital

The Knowledge Hub Universities have opened the first multidisciplinary educational hub of its kind in Egypt. Find out why Egyptian students are

Staff Writer

Picking the right university can be difficult for many Egyptian students. Often they feel that they must look abroad for internationally recognized universities to help them fast track their careers. Looking to provide students with a local solution is The Knowledge Hub Universities who have opened the first multidisciplinary educational hub of its kind in Egypt.

Located in The New Administrative Capital, The Knowledge Hub Universities have gathered the expertise of internationally recognized professors to create unique learning experiences on par with the world’s most famous universities. One of the first international university’s branches to be hosted by The Knowledge Hub Universities is the internationally renowned Coventry University.

The newly opened Coventry University Branch began their launch with three schools; Engineering, Computing, and Design Media. In a short period of time, students have started flocking to this university as it focuses on providing higher education that goes beyond the textbook, encouraging more practical learning. From field trips and design competitions to hosting a slew of professionally recognized guest speakers, this branch is blazing a new trail for hands-on learning in Oum el Donia.

The feedback is overwhelmingly positive with many Engineering students pointing out their field trip to El Sewedy Transformers, a factory equipment supplier, as a real-life learning experience that provides valuable insight into their future career. Aside from the higher education, students have been praising the fully equipped campus that has just about every amenity a student would want. “The Knowledge Hub provides many services like indoor and outdoor gym, various lounges, and top-quality food,” explains Design and Media student Malak Ashraf. While Engineering student Kevin Kodus points out that “The university is organized, and there is life inside the building. The library is really nice, and it has access to everything.”

The Knowledge Hub Universities is sprawled across 50 feddans and includes just about everything you expect from International Universities. From high-tech computer labs and a full-fledged sports arena to shopping centres and a theatre, there’s nothing that students love that can’t be found on their campus. By providing a fun social atmosphere while taking higher education to another level in Egypt, The Knowledge Hub Universities has already started attracting Egypt’s brightest young minds from needing to search abroad for institutions that can provide them with a profitable future.