Friday December 8th, 2023
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Fiesta on the Dancefloor as La Casa Club Reopens Ahead of Sahel Season

Badra & Ismail Kassem’s La Casa Club in Ios Village is giving us daily themed events to keep us dancing on the North Coast.

Cairo Scene

This summer, the lull of midweek boredom will be a thing of the past. At any given moment, something exciting is happening somewhere; the city that never sleeps has expanded into the ever-awake North Coast, thanks to party animals Badra & Ismail Kassem’s La Casa Club in Ios Village.Located at a unique midpoint between the hottest Sahel spots around (think Marassi, Diplo and Hacienda), the club has established a reputation for keeping hands raised and feet pounding with themed events happening every weekday and through the weekend.

The club boasts immersive Miami-inspired art nouveau décor that, when accentuated with premium dishes, centred around Arab and Latin cuisines, and stunning cocktails, create a booming atmosphere you can hardly drag tired feet away from.