Tuesday May 21st, 2024
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WORD: Wolf Fang MIDI - ‘You & Me’

Addressing themes of an unhealthy relationship, the Cairo-based duo take us through the lyrics of their latest upbeat single.

Zaid Kreshan

WORD: Wolf Fang MIDI - ‘You & Me’

In this episode of WORD, Cairo-based retro-pop duo Wolf Fang MIDI take us through the lyrics behind their latest release ‘You & Me’. They explain that the main theme behind the lyrics is that of frustration, when one is faced with the dilemma of repeatedly falling back into a toxic relationship, even when they know that their partner is doing more harm than good.

The duo also emphasises that the track’s title ‘You & Me’, is meant to make a point that a relationship should be about cooperation, as opposed to ‘You or Me’, where some relationships may feel unbalanced and at times even competitive.

Check out the music video for ‘You & Me,’ where we see Wolf Fang MIDI embrace a fun-loving attitude as they make use of colourful visual effects and tongue-in-cheek performances. 

WORD is SceneNoise’s new series unpacking the lyrics of our favourite artists from across the MENA region. In each episode, we ask them to shed light on the meaning behind their most iconic verses, taking us behind the scenes of their writing process and between the lines of their penmanship.

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