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⁠⁠First Look at New Cairo's Exclusive Ora Restobar

The weekend has just been rendered more exciting in anticipation of Ora's exclusive launch party.

The hallmark of fine dining is not the hefty check at the end of the meal, it's the amount of social media envy you get for posting a selfie you took there, which is exactly what we knew would happen the moment we stepped into the latest and, probably most sumptuous, addition to Cairo’s ever-growing fine dining landscape, Ora.     

As we hoisted ourselves up onto a stool at the bar, we looked around like wide-eyed school children at the sparkly interior of Ora, which infinitely reminded us of upscale bars in midtown Manhattan - you know, the ones they don't let you in, complete with an outdoor terrace straight out of Mar-a-Lago, except better, because there's no way you're going to run into Trump and get deported.The new restaurant, marked by its effortless, infinitely elegant interior, and extensive mouth-watering menu, is opening in the heart of New Cairo and promises to be the go-to place for early dinners, after-work drinks, and even first dates.After fawning over the unique aesthetic, you can choose a drink from a large selection of artisan cocktails made right in front of you. Ora aims to both please and entertain with an all-day show behind the bar where you get to watch skilled bartenders preform endless tricks while preparing your favourite drinks.Ora offers a wide variety of international cuisine delicacies, encompassing the best of European fine dining with the added culinary heartiness their Yankee cousins are famous for. From main-dish staples and seafood to all your favourite pastas, every dish is made from scratch by Ora’s experienced chefs. Using the freshest of ingredients and impeccable attention to detail, the dining experience is sure to fill your appetite and please even the harshest of critics. You can start making reservations as soon as Saturday September 30th. You might just catch us sipping on our favourite drinks there as well.

For reservations, call +20 120 338 5500.

Follow Ora on Instagram @OraRestobar.