Friday 3 of February, 2023
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Video: Egyptian TV Host Claims She Changed the Path of Hurricane Irma and Saved Florida

The TV anchor's heroic act came after one of her show’s Florida-based viewers called for help.

Staff Writer

In the realms of the internet, you are bound to occasionally come across things that will make you question how in the world are humans supposed to be the most intelligent species on the planet; this is one of them.

In the clip above, a TV anchor is explaining how she was single-handedly able to change the path of hurricane Irma with the help of one of her crew members – yep, you read that right – after one of the show’s viewers who lives in Florida called for help.

Now there are some interesting facts that this clip has enlightened us with that we just can’t help but share:

  1. The first thing you do after a storm warning is to pick up your phone and call the nearest TV show (preferably in another continent).
  2. Mere humans are not only capable of changing a hurricane’s path, but they can also decrease its intensity!
  3. Mexico is actually void of human beings so, according to the second fact, you can send any natural disaster of your choosing over there.

Now you can sleep better at night knowing that the country’s decline will never be due to a natural disaster, only our cognitive impairment!