Tuesday March 21st, 2023
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Fofo Fashion

It takes something special to get our attention, so when we stopped in front of Fofo Design's stall at Mawaweel last weekend, we knew we had found a diamond in the rough.

Staff Writer

The fashion world is an ever-changing entity; what you thought was in could be dead the very next moment. With an ever-evolving machine such as the fashion industry, it's imperative for any designer trying to make it big to constantly be on their toes and have a certain edge, a certain wow factor that will have people vying for their stuff.

Therefore, when we stumbled on Fofo Designs at Darb1718's Mawaweel, it's safe to say we were sufficiently wowed. Offering a wide range of customised t-shirts, bags and accessories, owner and operator of Fofo, Fadwa Attia, is tingling our fashion senses in more ways than one. Attia draws her inspiration from folklore and the Egyptian identity and those helped her shape the characters she illustrates on her products. 

Attia is an Alexandrian Fine Arts student, class of 2006. She started out by doing pop-up concession stands where she sold her hand-painted t-shirts and accessories. "At the time, there weren't any shops that sold t-shirts in our native language," says Attia, explainin why she felt the need to fill that sizable market gap. She came up with the concept of her characters by basically doing live studies of people in the street, sketching her friends, and as the characters developed, so did their storylines and their personalities. "As an artist, I don't really have a good business plan!" Attia says, in regards to whether or not she would open her own store in Cairo at some point. 

It's definitely a pop-up business that we're dying to see develop later on in the future, and one of our favourite things about Fofo is that they can paint any of their designs onto any colour t-shirt, hoodies, bags and more. Check out their facebook page here.