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Four-Year-Old Boy Dies after Being Reportedly Raped and Drugged at a Dar El Salam Nursery

Prosecution orders for an autopsy to be performed on a four-year-old boy who died on Sunday after being raped and sedated with Tramadol.

According to Youm 7, South Cairo Prosecution has ordered for an autopsy to be performed on the corpse of an Egyptian boy, who had died on Sunday after being reportedly raped at his Dar El Salam Nursery. Medical checks had revealed that the four-year-old was raped and sedated after traces of Tramadol were found in his bloodstream.    

The four-year-old returned home on the day of the incident, suffering from severe sickness. He later died while on his way to the hospital with his mother.

(Photo: Goran Tomasevic / Reuters)