Saturday September 30th, 2023
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Gallup Ranks Egypt Safer than US and UK

Hear ye, hear ye!

Staff Writer

Gallup recently released their 2019 Global Law and Order Report, where they rank Egypt as the 8th Country among those listed in the Highest Law and Order Index Score. With a score of 92, Egypt is the second safest nation in the Arab region - with the UAE ranking third with a score of 93 - and is considered safer than both the US and the UK on a global level.

“The 2019 Global Law and Order report presents the results from Gallup’s latest measurements of people’s answers to […] questions based on interviews with nearly 152,000 adults in 142 countries and areas in 2018,” the report says.

The questions on which the report are based asked if the residents felt safe walking alone at night in the area they lived, if they’ve had any money or property stolen from them or a household member in the past 12 months, and if they’ve been assaulted or mugged in the same period.

Egypt has moved up eight ranks over the past year, when it ranked 16th in Gallup’s 2018 Report. This year, Singapore ranks first with 97 points while Afghanistan has the lowest score of 38, marking it as the least safe country out of those that made the list.