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Get Geeky At EGYcon 2016

The third annual EGYcon is the perfect haven for all of Egypt's anime, video game, and comic nerds to all get together and breathe through their mouths as they talk about The Force Awakens without any social stigma attached.

Calling all geeks, nerds, dorks, and dweebs! It's that time of year again - time for the 3rd annual Egypt Anime, Game, and Comic Con! A one-day event organised by the youth of Egypt with a passion for the eccentric, eclectic, and insane world of all things geeky, EGYcon features artists showing off their work - whether it’s Pikachu fighting Goku, Mario and Sonic in a sack race, or a Green Lantern Corp. tea party with guest appearances by the X-Men. Some comic artists will be on hand as well to take requests, like if you want your head drawn onto Wonder Woman’s body or something like that; plus, they might even be slinging some Egyptian-born comics. 
Video game tournaments will be held on the spot to settle any disputes that may arise because settling an argument is always a lot easier when it’s over a game of Tekken or FIFA. There'll also be plenty of cosplayers who might be part of the karaoke contests, and photo booths will be set up with a pro-photo-geek to Photoshop you and your favourite character bro-ing out. Also, most geeks’ favourite part: swag! Tons of collectables, toys, and art will be available so you can decorate your nerd cave in your mom's basement. 
It all happens on February 6th at the GrEEK Campus, with tickets on sale for 60 LE. Get all the info on the Con’s Facebook.