Monday December 11th, 2023
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Get Real

While reality television isn't a new concept, it’s recently been taking the Middle East by storm...

Staff Writer

You probably know that some of us here at CairoScene aren’t strangers to the fly-on-the-wall television concept at all, but we’re especially excited by the newest addition to our weekend viewing schedule,Rayheen Ala Feen? or Where are They Going? Produced and aired on AlHurra TV station, in cooperation with Mohamed Hefzy’s famous Film Clinic – the production house behind the likes of 18 Days, Microphone and Asma’a - the new reality show follows five young Egyptian adults, showing the trials and tribulations of life in a post-revolutionary state. We caught up with Mohamed Hefzy who was responsible for the production of the show and explained the show’s concept. “We wanted to show a realistic view of Egypt today through a broad cross-section of society,” he says. “We took the decision from day one to make sure there’s nothing scripted, forced or implied throughout the series, so it’s truly a real look at the lives of the characters that hopefully resound with a large audience.”

Premiering on the 8th of September the show follows five main characters, each from a different social, educational and economic background. Islam, Mario, Sondos, Zoghby and Hanan each lead very different lives and each of them have the chance to show the rest of Egypt and the Middle East their points of views, daily struggles and long-term ambitions. Getting together to discuss certain issues such as the role of women in society, unemployment and political developments, the show becomes seriously intriguing when you consider the  fact that among the group are a college graduate who works as a taxi driver, a brand manager for an international fast food chain, a theatrical director and a high-school drop out. “The reality TV concept is still relatively new in the Middle East, so it’s a bit of a risk for everyone involved but our main aim is to show how Egypt is changing socially, culturally and economically and we’ve definitely achieved that,” says Hefzy. For a real look at Egypt’s diverse society and how differently our current affairs can affect our day-to-day lives, this is a must watch!

Tune in to Rayheen Ala Feen? every Saturday on AlHurra TV  starting from 8th September at 10pm and find out more on their Facebook page here.
To find out more about Egyptian production power-house Film Clinic check out their website here.