Saturday 10 of December, 2022
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Get Your Sparkle On At Bulgari's Sale Extravaganza

Bulgari's incredible 'Friends and Family Sale' extravaganza is offering up to 80 percent off their glam goodies!

Staff Writer

So a sparkling little birdie just told us that Bulgari is set to have an INSANE sale! As in up to 80 percent off handbags, more than half off various bling accessories, and a whole plethora of gorgeous goodies at cost price. There is a catch, though; turns out that this sale extravaganza that's happening soon is guest list only! The exclusive "Family & Friends" sale is by invite only. BUT, we pulled some strings and got some of our lucky readers a serious hook up. If you're interested in a designer and seriously dazzling shopping spree, give this number a buzz 01124142233 - let them know you found out about the event through here - and you never know, you could be rocking some rocks for prices that Jenny could pay if she was still on the block.