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Good News from Al-Azhar

The Grand Imam has just released a statement urging politicians to label opposition as blasphemous infidels.

Earlier today, Grand Imam Ahmed El-Tayyeb came out, warning members of various Islamist groups against calling opponents blasphemous. In a statement released today, El-Tayyeb said that hopes that different Islamic factions can come to an agreement and take a strong stance against violence towards those with different religious belief claiming “this is against sharia.”

As tensions mount ahead of June 30th demonstrations, aimed at pushing President Morsi out, all are hoping that the actions that take place remain non-violent.

The Imam said that "peaceful opposition against [rulers] is accepted according to sharia… and has nothing to do with belief or lack thereof," adding that violence and militant actions are a "great sin" but not an act of "disbelief [kofr]."

He continued on to criticise "false" religious fatwas by "incompetent" sheikhs who issue statements saying that those who oppose the ruler are "hypocrites and infidels" in the eyes of Islam.

The comments were most likely sparked after Al-Gamaa Al-Islamiya, this past Friday, described the protest as acts of hypocrisy that contradict Islamic rules and beliefs, furthermore claiming that they are "entities being funded from abroad that aim to stir chaos and make Egypt like Syria or Libya."

Here’s hoping the people will be heard and not beaten.