Saturday May 25th, 2024
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Greenpeace Sails With Young Climate Leaders to Egypt Ahead of COP27

A group of young environmentalists representing the MENA have sailed through the region to raise awareness about climate action.

Fadila Khalid

Greenpeace Sails With Young Climate Leaders to Egypt Ahead of COP27

The Greenpeace ship, the sustainable and eco-friendly vessel of the UN’s United for Climate Justice ship tour, has been sailing through the region in the lead up to COP27 in Sharm El Sheikh. The tour is part of the Greenpeace Organisation's vision to represent climate-conscious youth, and this year, over 400 young environmentalists representing the MENA have taken part in the tour to visit and converge with climate-conscious communities and leading voices all over the region.

In an effort to emphasise the need for climate action now, the young group of environmentalists representing various countries from the Middle East and North Africa have sailed their way through the region; engaging in discussions and calling for systemic change in relation to climate adaptation, justice, and access to energy.

This year’s ship tour is momentous, not only because a COP is finally being hosted in Africa, but because it’s a chance for the Global South to finally be recognised for far beyond the primitive image that has dominated Western discourse for years. The tour has been essential in drawing the global gaze towards the eco-friendly and sustainable practices, behaviours, and development projects that have been a part of the region’s culture for centuries or have been recently developed to adapt to the worldwide tech revolution. It’s also vital in exposing the ways through which the Global South has been suffering most from climate change and propelling an investigation into 'why' to the top of the COP27 agenda.

As the start date for COP27 approaches, the Greenpeace ship has docked at the age-old Alexandria port and is ready to go on one last tour through Egypt with Sharm El Sheikh as its final destination. The United for Climate Justice ship tour will journey through the Suez Canal and then along the Red Sea coast, making various stops in major governorates and cities for community activities, participating in green initiatives, and engaging with local communities.

The group will finally settle in Sharm El Sheikh and occupy part of the civil society #GreenZone, where they will organize and participate in a multitude of activations in the global climate conference.

Stay tuned for CairoScene live coverage from COP27's Green Zone from November 6 to 18.