Wednesday 30 of November, 2022
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Halal Sex Shop

Shock, horror - Muslims have sex too!

Staff Writer

Turkey – often looked to as a beacon of modern Islam – has showed the world how cool and moderate Muslims can be once more. Introducing the first halal (helal, if you’re Turkish) sex shop, an online store promising kinkiness in compliance with Islamic norms. is pretty much what we expected, selling everything from condoms and lubricant to massage oils and ‘breast enhancement cream’. What we didn’t expect were the informative sections on the site with titles like “Sexual Life in Islam” and “Oral Sex According to Islam” that draw upon religious teachings to both educate shoppers and, we assume, to deflect the inevitable criticism the site will receive. Just in case you’re not sold on the halal­ness of this all, none of the products on the site are made of pork or any of its derivatives. Phew.