Wednesday 7 of December, 2022
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Halal or Not: Drinking Small Amounts of Alcohol

Famous Islamic preacher Khaled El Gendy says that drinking small amounts of alcohol isn't necessarily sinful and that this opinion follows Abu Hanifa's major school of fiqh in Islam.

Staff Writer

Religious preacher and scholar Khaled El Gendy was attacked by religious conservatives after his announcement that Muslims are allowed to drink alcohol as long as they stop before they get drunk, in accordance with Abu Hanifa's leading school in Islamic fiqh (jurisprudence). El Gendy made the announcement on a DMC religion-oriented talk show last Thursday.

The religious figure further assured that Al-Sahaba, Prophet Mohamed's disciples, used to drink alcohol before prayer time until it became prohibited.

Another prominent religious preacher, Ramadan Abdel-Moez, supported El-Gendy's claims, explaining that they don't necessarily reflect El-Gendy's personal beliefs on the matter, but that of Abu Hanifa's school of fiqh, Masrawy reports.