Tuesday 29 of November, 2022
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Hassan Gabr, the Fittest Man in Egypt, is Getting Us Healthy this Summer

Pizza sounds appealing but how about we get washboard abs instead?

Staff Writer

Scrolling through our Instagram feed and coming across body transformations usually gets us inspired for about 5 seconds before we go back to our Netflix and breakfast in bed. Except maybe we’ve finally found something to drag us out of our caves. 

One of Egypt's fittest men Hassan Gabr is planning on getting Egypt fit this summer. His campaign Hankhases Masr is meant to help tackle the issue of obesity in Egypt, seeing that the country ranked 17th on the list of most obese countries in the world. 

Gabr promises to teach us how to ea better, how to work-out more efficiently, and essentially how to change our lifestyle to become a healthier and more sustainable one. This challenge involves sending a picture of yourself before and after having followed the rules of the campaign. Eventually, three winners will be chosen to participate in an episode, featuring Hassan Gabr to talk about their body transformations. 

For more details, check out Hassan Gabr's Facebook page here