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Have You Been Mugged?

Ghufran Katatney's new line of mugs are the latest addition to the photographer and fashion designer's kitsch repetoire...

We know violence is rife in Cairo these days, but excuse us for a moment as we explain why you need to get mugged ASAP. You might have heard of Ghufran Katatney's work. From quirky t-shirt lines Pockets by G and Bad Quality Tees to her fashion shoots for the likes of Identity Magazine and WeWood Watches, she's been quietly creating a hipster-laden stir on Egypt's design scene.

Now, with her latest venture, Mugged, she's adding her signature dose of kitsch to your cup of coffee. Or tea. Or Sahlab, if you prefer. Whatever your hot drink preference is, there's a mug in the collection for you. With peculiar prints and hilarious messages printed on them, these are the kind of mugs you'll want to Instagram to show the world just how cool you are, in that blasé way that just makes you even cooler.

We asked Katatney why she made the move into homeware: "It's simple," she says. "I didn't want to drink my coffee in a free Nescafé mug." We like her attitude and luckily there's plenty of it in the new line. We particulalry love the 'C'est Le Fucking Vie' mugs, and the dreamcatcher print is bound to add a little psychadelia to our morning-after-the-night-before sips. 

"I just wanted to add some swag to my desk," says Katatney. And she's not wrong about that. Get your kettles boiling and your iPhones switched to camera mode.

Find out more about Mugged and how you can get your hands on one on the Facebook fanpage here