Tuesday 29 of November, 2022
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Heritage is Free

The Minister of Antiquities has announced that access to Egypt's many heritage sites will be free this weekend.

Staff Writer

When was the last time you visited Egypt's majestic cultural historic sites? It is an absolute shame that many Egyptians haven't taken the opportunity to connect with their history by visiting the sites that shape Egypt's character. Well, this weekend you have no excuse, as it is officially World Heritage Day on Friday April 18th

To commemorate the day the Antiquities Minister, Mohamed Ibrahim, told Ahram Online that they will be opening all archaeological sites as free for visitosr on both Friday 18th and Saturday 19th. The free admission is another ploy to entice local tourism and raise citizen's cultural awareness, and will include sites on the World Heritage list including the pyramids, and Islamic Cairo.

So take the opportunity this holiday to rediscover that Egypt is more than a series of beaches along the Red Sea.