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Hesham Mansour Will Host His Very First Satire Show on Egyptian TV Channel Al-Nahar

Having written for Bassem Youssef in the past, Hesham Mansour will now host his very own satire TV show, Akher El Leil, on local channel, Al-Nahar.

Having written for comedy shows like Bassem Youssef’s Al Bernameg and Sayed Abo Hafiza’s As’ad Allah Masa’akom, Hesham Mansour follows suit and is now preparing to host his first satire show called Akher El Leil (End of the Night), according to Filfan.

The show is produced by Mansour’s good friend Wesam Seif – Cairo Film Production – and will air on local TV channel, Al-Nahar, in the near future. The comedy can be likened to US classic Saturday Night Live in its format and humorous sketches. 

Mansour is known for his YouTube Series Al Elm Wa Al Emaw, which lightly mocks its religious equivalent Al Elm Wa Al Iman (Science and religion), and also addresses contemporary social issues, as well as cultural phenomena.

“I’ve wanted to feel like a superstar within myself for my whole life, and now I can finally say it: wait for me,” Mansour writes on his Facebook.

Photo: Jumia