Wednesday February 8th, 2023
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Cairo's hottest new party night Back 2 Basics is hosting its own Egyptian version of that unique American conceit the Homecoming...

Staff Writer

Cairo nightlife is much like college. There are the geeks, neurotic in the corner pining over the jocks at their premium-positioned tables overflowing with Belvadere and Bell du Jours. There are the misfits looking on with sardonic disdain. And as with college life, by the end of the night, everyone is usually drunk and partying and it doesn't matter who the hell you are.

This Thursday sees the hottest new night on the scene - 'Back 2 Basics' - overseeing a Homecoming for all you boys and girls who want a taste of that college life. Go dressed in school gear. Ladies you know this is your chance to dress up like a naughty school girl without being judged. Guys you won't be told off by the teacher for rocking a pair of white Converse and then get suspended because yore supposed to weak black shoes then cry and go home and tell your mum but she is busy so you have to colour your Converse black with felt tip pen and then everyone makes fun of you because your shoes look ma3afin.... sorry what were we saying... Oh yeah, dress up and get down to dance-inducing masters of the decks Shawky and Mohassab on the Tamarai terrace.

Pre-Sold Bar Pass: 250LE (1 Free Drink)
Private Bar: 6000LE (20 Passes)
Lounge: 4500LE (15 Passes)
High Tables: 3000LE (10 Passes)

And for a litte extra fun you can spend the night at the Fairmont Nile City for these extra special rates: Single 650LE | Double and 750LE