Sunday April 2nd, 2023
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Noir Music Bringing Dark Stars Showcase To Nacelle This Friday

Nacelle are bringing in Techno Gods Noir Music and the Dark Stars showcase for their House Sessions this Friday.

Staff Writer

Making his way back to Nacelle is highly acclaimed DJ/Producer Noir, this time around he's bringing a friend, Olivier Giacomotto. Noir is the man behind the world famous record label, Noir Music. Giacomotto is a Music Composer/DJ/Producer and is part of the Noir Music roster. Noir has been touring the globe, sharing with audiences his interpretation of House and Techno for years. Having visited Nacelle twice already we can't wait to have him back; last time he was here he tore the roof off of the Temple... and the walls. If it wasn't for The Temples mighty pillars the whole place would of came crashing down. Olivier Giacomotto is going to make sure that every taste is satisfied, his hard hitting Tech-House tunes are proper electronic products that will leave you in awe. Local star Hassan Abo Allam is set to start the night with a tantalising warm-up set, a night that will surely leave you in utmost satisfaction.


Dark Stars is a series of events organised across the world by Noir himself. Rene 'Noir' Kristensen talks about the series on his blog saying,  "Dark Stars is a natural evolution from my Noir Music Showcase parties over the last few years, but with a more conceptual feel and image. I fell in love with the idea of both the crowd and the DJs who play the parties, being the ‘Dark Stars’ for the night. You need a great DJ and a great crowd to make a great party and I wanted to celebrate both". So get ready 'Dark Stars' y'all know the drill!