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Huge 2000MW Wind Farm to Be Built in Red Sea Governorate

The Ministry of Electricity and Renewable energy has announced that the Red Sea governorate is getting a 2000 megawatt-capacity wind farm expected to increase Egypt’s renewable energy capacity to 10,000 megawatts/hour.

Green energy in Egypt still feels like a new thing, even though - if you look at the numbers - we've really made some strides in renewable energy over the past decade. In 2019-2020 alone, the average output from hydropower was 14,038 gigawatt per hour, while wind energy projects produced an accumulated 4,320 gigawatt per hour. Not to mention the establishment of Benban Solar Park, one of the largest solar parks in the world.

The Red Sea can add another feather in that locally-sourced hat: the governorate is getting a brand new wind power complex with a capacity of producing 2,000 megawatts per hour. The wind farm will increase the general capacity of renewable energy sources to 10,000 megawatts per hour.

As of right now, there are various projects in the works around Egypt that share a total capacity of 2,200 megawatts of wind energy and 520 megawatts of solar energy in total. All this is part Egypt’s Renewable Energy Strategy, where renewable sources will produce 20% of the country’s total energy by 2035 - a long but necessary undertaking for a greener, more sustainable future.