Saturday 10 of December, 2022
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5 Moments of IRAM Jewelry's Stunning 'Red Carpet Collection' at GFF 2018

Get your sunglasses out, 'cause things are about to get real sparkly; IRAM Jewelry takes to the spotlight.

Staff Writer

Elegance is a whole lot more than just style and grace. The art of elegance is about the way you carry yourself and the confidence that radiates out of you while walking down a red carpet, knowing that hundreds of eyes are scanning your hair, your attire and your overall appearance from head to toe, and a million more when your photos are all over the internet. The limited edition 16-carat Marquise earrings was first spotted on super star Arwa Gouda at the opening ceremony of GFF.
IRAM Jewelry – one of Egypt's finest and high-end diamond jewelry brands– styled 28 of Egypt's most dazzling starlets at the Gouna Film Festival's (GFF) second edition this September. IRAM styled the celebrities with their 'Red Carpet Collection', customised to meet the exclusive and sophisticated standards of an event which had international coverage. The likes of Dorra, Yasmine Sabry, Saba Mubarak, Nagla Badr, all the way to the diva Samira Said, Arwa Gouda, and Hannah Shiha were all shimmering due to IRAM courtesy of the “Red Carpet Collection”. The collection was customised to compliment the exclusive and sophisticated standards of an event which had international coverage.The Marquise Diamond was a show-stealer in IRAM'S Red Carpet Collection. The stone – which looks like a sparkly teardrop, and is decorated with floral motifs – made several appearances at the GFF. Amy Samir Ghanem also adorned herself in Marquise Diamond, going full out with the collier, ring and bracelet set, while Yasmine Sabri – also dubbed by IRAM as the Alexandrian Queen – fashioned herself with a pair of Marquise Diamond earrings and a matching ring.IRAM's second striking gem in the Red Carpet collection was the ruby, the blood-red gemstone; the royal gems were set to perfection in IRAM diamond necklaces; the celebrities dazzling in them, like the powerfully elegant Hana Shiha. Reem Mostafa oozed elegance with another remarkable Ruby & Diamonds centerpiece. The necklace has a total of 11.45-carat pear-shape rubies with a total of 11-carat. Both actresses contrasted them with a chic black dress. The rubies were selected specifically for the GFF to
promote the courageous attitude – something that every 21st century woman should wear on her sleeves.
IRAM's jewelry pieces are all made within their factories – one of the largest of its kind in the Middle East region. The factories are being run by a diverse range of artisans and multi-national craftsmen aiming to create a unique jewel to fit each customer’s taste. IRAM's branches in Egypt are located in Heliopolis, Sheikh Zayed, Alexandria, Mansoura and Hurghada.

Find IRAM Jewelry on display at Verona - Dubai.

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