Tuesday 29 of November, 2022
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ISTA Spiritual Shamanic Experience

Explore the power of your sexuality through a spiritual retreat led by Shamans in Egypt's Tunis village, inspired by our ancient heritage.

Staff Writer

In this day and age, confusion runs wild amidst many consumer based societies; we begin to lose touch with many things like nature, our health, priorities and even our sexuality or the power that lays within it. We consume our sexuality and treat as if it's another product, upgrading it with more products and placing it on the market as if it was commodity placed on some shelf and, with all the add ons, it too will have an expiry date, if it hadn't already reached it.

This shouldn't be the case as for many in the past  people have had utilised their sexuality and its power to its utmost potential, and that's not be mistaken for the act of sexual intercourse. We mean that on a much larger scale: your sexuality plays a role in your everyday life, it plays a role in your day from beginning to end and helps you make every decision in your life.

So if you've lost touch check this out, for the first time the International School of Temple Arts' Spiritual Intimate Shamanic training comes to Egypt through ISTA's Spiritual Shamanic Experience (SSSEX). The First Ever EGYPTIAN Spiritual Shamanic Experience, at a beginner level, it's a week-long residential training/retreat in Fayoum's famous Tunis village.

What is the course? It is a training for everyone: practitioners, would-be practitioners and anyone who desires to take their personal empowerment to another level and to deepen self-mastery with the potency of the Egyptian energetic inner and outer landscapes, adding power to your processes and initiatory journey. But what does it all mean? 

Spiritual, sexual and Shamanic: each of these three areas alone carry enormous charge for shadow and misuse of power as well as potential for liberation, freedom, love and joy. Together, integrated, they begin to help you see what it means to be awake, empowered, in community and in service as love in action in your world.

This powerful seven-day training is being held for the first time in Egypt so if this seems like it's something up your alley join the Facebook page here, to stay in tune with the latest info and to stay up to date.