Sunday July 21st, 2024
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Inter Milan Looks to Acquire the Stellar Salah

Rumours are swirling that Inter Milan is looking into signing Mohamed Salah - and that his new contract might include a hefty increase in his salary...

Staff Writer

Inter Milan Looks to Acquire the Stellar Salah

Mohamed Salah finds himself once again in the middle of a bidding war for his services, as rumours spread that Inter Milan is interested in acquiring them.

The same thing happened just over a year ago for the player. He made an impressive impact on Swiss club Basel and was awarded Swiss Player of the Year. At the time several teams were interested, but Chelsea won out, signing him to an £11 million contract. However, once he arrived Salah struggled to find any playing time, and was eventually lent to Fiorentina. Scoring a series of impressive goals right from his first start, Italy was buzzing about him, going so far as to call Salah the Egyptian Messi.

Now with the season over, several Italian teams are rumoured to be attempting to gain his services. On Monday, Italian magazine Corriere dello Sport reported that Inter Milan President Erick Thohir had contacted Chelsea owner Roman Abramovich to ask how much the young superstar would cost to acquire when the winter transfer window reopens.

Some speculate that Salah could cost Inter Milan up to $22 million, which is double what Chelsea paid a year ago. However, the option of loaning him for the summer is also on the table.

As always, trade rumours will be plentiful, and last time we attempted to follow the rumours he ended up on a different team. No matter where he ends up Salah will likely see a salary boost, which is pretty impressive considering how little he actually played last season.