Monday May 20th, 2024
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Isn't That Dandy?

Dandy Mega Mall has gone digital, making our actual shopping trips all the better...

Staff Writer

Isn't That Dandy?

Now we know what you're thinking. What's the point of liking a Facebook fanpage for a mall, when at the end of the day,when you need something, you still have to actually go to the mall, search frantically for a couple of hours, forget what you were looking for, buy something else and then do the whole thing all over again next weekend? Next time you go shopping, check out Dandy Mega Mall's Facebook page and save yourself a whole load of hassle. Their fanpage is more of a magazine, with brilliant posts filled with fashion inspiration and items you need to pick up to get the look. Here comes the good part - unlike the glossy magazines filled with foreign brands and things so expensive they can't even print the prices, Dandy Mega Mall's team post the exact pieces that are available now for purchase at their stores. They even give great style advice with their trend reports, all based on what's currently in stock at the likes of H&M, Accessorize, Aldo, Tommy Hilfiger and Vero Moda, as well as letting you know about sales, offers and new openings on a daily basis.

Their fashion prowess has already helped us many times. Like that time we were going to a The Great Gatsby themed party:

Or that time we were loveable prostitutes:

And that time normal-sized bags just weren't going to cut it:

Found out all the latest fashion trends and exactly where to get your hands on them by joining the Dandy Mega Mall fanpage here.