Thursday April 18th, 2024
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Jumia Geek at the GrEEK Event to Crown Egypt's Best Gamers

Looking to prove your Playstation or PC gaming prowess? Jumia Geek's launch event will be hosting several tournaments this Saturday May 16th. Find out more here...

Staff Writer

Jumia Geek at the GrEEK Event to Crown Egypt's Best Gamers

For years, young Egyptians have been secretly ditching responsibilities and sneaking off to gaming café in order to prove that their supremacy over friends. The more victories one has the more likely they will brag about how they are the best in Cairo, and yet have no way to justify the claim until now. Looking to finally settle once and for all who are the best gamers in this city, Jumia Egypt has decided to hold a tournament as part of the ‘Jumia Geek at the GrEEK’ technology festival taking place this Saturday 16th May.

Jumia Egypt has quickly emerged as the number on e-commerce website in Egypt. To expand and celebrate their rise to prominence Jumia has launched a new technology blog entitled Jumia Geek  and will be holding Egypt’s first technology festival on May 16th on the GrEEK Campus. Jumia Geek at the GrEEK will be exhibiting the latest exciting gadgets, debates about the latest Internet trends, musical performance, and most importantly for all you gamers, multiple gaming tournaments.

Hosting four gaming tournaments all starting at 1pm, Jumia will be looking to crown Egypt’s best League of Legends tactician, the best FIFA 15 footballer, the best BLUR driver, and the best Mortal Kombat fighter.

The League of Legends is powered by QDS and will be played on 10 PCs, provided by ASUS, in a knockout tournament format. The best football gamer contest will have 64 challengers facing off on four PS4s in a knockout tournament. The BLUR tournament will be played on PS3s and will see a maximum of 240 drivers knocking each other on the way to the final finish line, while the Mortal Kombat tournament will host a maximum of 52 players in a best of three knockout tournament.

Each gaming tournament will have a different grand prize based on the theme of the game and will be announced on the event page in the coming days. If you are interested in proving your dominance or are looking for justification behind bragging ways then this is where to settle it. To register please visit their event page, which will be putting up a registration form to fill out. If there are any vacant spots on the day of the event players will have a chance to register  on-site.

There are no shortages of egos in Egypt, so if you think you are the best or want to silence an annoying friend then this tournament is the best way to settle old scores or simply prove what you already knew. 

To learn more about events and registration visit their Event Page Here.