Sunday 4 of December, 2022
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The Egyptian Beggar with 3.5 Million EGP

How much do beggars make? One Beni Sueif resident is richer than you. And he owns two properties.

Staff Writer

Unfortunately, we encounter homeless people and beggars on a daily basis. Fortunately, for one beggar, there are apparently hundreds of thousands of Egyptians willing to give money to beggars on a daily basis. The question of “I wonder how much this beggar makes per day?” has surely crossed your mind plenty of times. Well, 70-year old Kamil has a lot more money than most of us.

Having spent years on the streets of Beni Sueif, Kamil has amassed quite a fortune in cash and properties. He has single-handedly saved up about 3.5 million LE and purchased two buildings on Faisal Street in the Giza governorate.

But how did all of this come to light? It wasn’t an interview with the guy, if that’s what you’re assuming. A local Beni Sueif resident walked into a bank one day and recognised him. Curious as to what the beggar he sees everyday was doing in the bank, he asked one of the bankers who proceeded to tell the man the beggar was one of “their most important clients,” according to Al-Arabiya. Now, we're not quite sure what kind of bank releases personal information on a whim, but what we are sure of is that this Kamil character is pretty ballin'.