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Jump Into the Next Big Thing in Fitness at Fibers

Who said working out had to be tedious. Fibers Club Maadi is teaming up with Jumping Egypt to bring you a special session of the trendy trampoline-based exercise this Tuesday.

Everyone's favourite sports and fitness gurus Fibers club is hosting a jumping session this Tuesday, September 15th in Maadi's branch of the fitness club, in collaboration with the Jumping Egypt. Aside from always focusing on keeping people fit and flexible, Fibers is also always aiming to spare some time for some serious athletic movements that certainly do make the sporty side of a person glow.

The ultimate fitness destination has created a dynamic programme that solemnly focuses on the sport of jumping (Yes, you read that right, and yes it does sound like a lot of fun.) The training schedule is conducted on solo trampolines specialised for this kind of sport. Putting the gym machines boring fitness routines to shame, Fibers Club took the time to identify the next big trend in fitness, and found the right company to do it with.

The special trampolines are perfectly equipped to be practiced on, as professional as Fibers and Jumping Egypt always are, fulfilling the main goal creators had in mind when coming up with the brilliant idea that has us grabbing our work-out clothes and running shoes, ready to jump the place down and embrace our inner children.

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