Sunday June 16th, 2024
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Moustafa Zaghloul: Decisions EP

Having mastered a whopping 12 instruments at age 18, this Egyptian musician, composer and producer is certainly one to look out for.

Staff Writer

Moustafa Zaghloul: Decisions EP

18-year old Moustafa Zaghloul has just released a full 8 track EP, claiming on the description on BandCamp that it has taken him, somehow, ages to make the album. However, we here at CairoScene, found it rather impressive that he actually fully composed, produced, recorded and mastered all the instruments on the album.

The record takes us back to a yesteryear, back to the Hendricks phase, with sweeping guitars and extended solos. It’s without a doubt that this artist is definitely inspired by the psychedelic rock era. But that is not to say that the record stays with in the psychedelic genre as he also flirts with surf rock and experimental rock.

It’s a good time for music in Egypt, and it’s always rather special to see someone making something that’s not house or techno, even though Moustafa has dabbled in both genres. And at the mere age of 18, we are almost certain that this young talent will build on his sound and experiment more and develop and grow as an artist and we can’t help but feel so blessed having known hin

Check out Zaghloul’s Bandcamp page here where his EP titled Decision is free to stream and available for download on a 'name you own price' plan.