Friday December 1st, 2023
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Kablao! People Power in Your Pocket

We catch up with Basil Fateen at Rise Up 2014 to find out more about his game changing social app, designed to #BringPeopleTogether whether for business or pleasure...

Staff Writer

With the Rise Up Summit in full swing today, one tech start up that certainly caught our attention is Kablao. The app, which is designed to help users make the most of their social networks, has been in development for the past couple of years by founder and CEO Basil Fateen and is ready to change the way we see our friends lists and followers count. You see, numbers might look impressive but how do you filter through the noise when you need to find a specific contact for a specific task, whether it’s for business or pleasure? Sure, you might not be Facebook friends with a graphic designers, but one of your friends might be. Looking for the face of your new fashion brand? Don’t be silly, no models follow you – but the muse of your dreams might be Twitter friends with your boss.

“Kablao helps you untangle your social contacts and communications to find the contacts you need,” explains Fateen about the app which is currently in its beta phase on Android (iOS is on its way!). By merging all your contacts from Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn and more, it puts all your connections in once place. But that’s only the beginning. Kablao takes things to the next level by allowing you to filter your contacts by pretty much any parameter – their job, their skills, their interests, their location, their online presence and more. Now, let’s say you’re looking for a drummer to join your local band and they have to be into Trash Metal. You put out that request into the Kablao universe and other users can find you, while your immediate connections can forward that request to their own circle. This isn’t only extremely useful for finding talent (and probably love, but that’s an off-label use not necessarily condoned by the Kablao crew, but we’re just saying…) but great if you’re looking for a job yourself. Your contacts can click to introduce you to someone who’s looking to hire or gain assistance of someone just like you. Kablao  - you’ve found your dream job/bandmate/photographer/lover…

“It's the app's mission to bring people together and help its users to do the same,” says Fateen and we couldn’t be more enamoured with this optimistic, personable and downright pragmatic new look at the social media feeds cluttering up our lives and screens. In the spirit of this all, we want you to play a game with us and make social media a happy place by introducing two of your contacts with the hashtag #BringPeopleTogether. For example we think @CairoGossip and @TheCairoZoom should be friends because they both love a good scandal #BringPeopleTogether. We also think @TamerHosny and @AlSagheerSalons should get together because, you know, grooming matters. Tag your friends in the comments below and start making some connections, or head to Twitter and use #BringPeopleTogether and we’ll retweet the best ones!

Find out more about Kablao here and download it on your Android device by clicking here.