Saturday September 23rd, 2023
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Khaled Said's Family Seeks LE5 Billion as Court Approves Reparations Trial

As Egypt's prosecution agrees to refer the case to court, Said's family promises to donate any money won to charitable causes.

Staff Writer

Five years after the brutal police killing of Khaled Said, Egypt’s prosecution has decided to refer to court a lawsuit by the family demanding LE 5 billion in reparations from Egypt’s Interior Ministry.

The Alexandria Criminal Court will be holding the trial’s first session on Wednesday. Talking to Ahram's Arabic news website, the family’s lawyer Mahmoud Afifi explains that the lawsuit aims to bring the case back to the public sphere and assures that any money won in the case would be donated.

In 2010 Khaled Said was brutally beaten to death by officers who murdered him for releasing a video online of the cops splitting the profits from a drug bust. At the time of his death policed tried to explain that his death was from choking on drugs he allegedly swallowed. However, when the picture of his flattened face was made public, everyone knew that the official cause of death was a joke and feared that once again authorities wouldn’t be held accountable for their despicable actions.

Although there were plenty of cases of police brutality in Egypt’s bloody history, it was Khaled Said mangled face that inspired many to call for end to unaccountable police abuse. With anger mounting and pressure rising one can argue that Khaled Said’s death was one of the pivotal sparks that sent the infamous January 25th 2011 revolution ablaze.